Seriously Surprising Deals

From the experts who brought you jdeal comes Seriously Surprising Deal (SSD)

The most effective way to get your message to the Jewish Community YOU want to reach!


1. What is SSD & How does it work

Every Wednesday from 12 pm-2pm EST announces a
Seriously Surprising Deal
on its website, through its email subscriber list, and its Facebook and Twitter accounts. Users can “purchase” this deal for free and be entered for a chance to win a highly coveted prize.

2. Measureable Results

Reach out and advertise to a completely organic list of over 55,000 people. You will receive both LIKES and FANS on your facebook page. Through proper analytics we will provide you the number of views and buys of this product. Merchants such as, Manischewitz, Beauty in the Bag, Jewish Week and HAS card have been featured. Receive up to 700 Facebook fans.

3.What do you need from me & cost

If you would like your product to be featured donate a gift basket, a gift card or something that customers will want to win and sponsor the SSD. SSD sponsorship is $800.

4. Limited Availability

This program is limited to only 1 SSD per week. This maximizes the impact of your product but also limits the available openings – act quickly!
Ready to talk? We’d love to discuss how we could work together to bring your business to our audience!

The mission of jmarketing connections is to create a Jewish inspired environment in which quality merchants can connect with Jewish consumers through innovative and multi-dimensional Marketing and Communication Campaigns